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Notă importantă: No expiration date. Only accounts with currency EURO can redeem this code.

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Xbox Live Gift Card 10 EUR key

It can serve as a gift, it can serve as the currency converter, and it can serve as a nifty surprise – what is it? It’s the Xbox Live Gift Card 10 EUR key! Buy it and use it whenever the Gift Card comes with no expiration date, and that’s precisely why it makes for a perfect gift!

Whenever the time feels right, just take out the code and use it! Increase your own account’s funds, surprise a friend or even your own family’s member! This particular Gift Card offers you a 10 EUR value, however, you should also know that Xbox Live services offer from 10 and up to 100 EUR Gift Cards!

Even though Xbox Live Gift Card 10 EUR key may not look like much, the Xbox Store offers plenty more than just AAA games. 10 EUR is plenty in order to acquire your favourite movie, TV show, app, or a digital device of sorts!

Get your Xbox Live Gift Card today and use it anytime you want! By purchasing this item you’ll always get more than you’ve paid for.

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September 3, 2013


Microsoft Studios


Microsoft Studios