Regulamin programu lojalnościowego Klubu Enebium

Version 1.0, last amended September 26, 2023

Enebium Club Loyalty Program Terms and Conditions

  1. General

    These Enebium Club Loyalty Program Terms and Conditions (hereinafter Enebium Club T&Cs) govern Enebium Club Loyalty Program (hereinafter the Enebium Club) as well as virtual Enebium loyalty points (hereinafter Enebium). Enebium Club and Enebium are subject to these Enebium Club T&Cs as well as ENEBA Terms and Conditions which are incorporated herein by reference.

    By opting-in and participating in Enebium Club you confirm that you have read these Enebium Club T&Cs and agree with their content.

    Capitalized terms not defined in these Enebium Club T&Cs have the meaning set out in the ENEBA Terms and Conditions.

  2. What is it and how do you earn it?

    To be able to earn Enebium, you must first opt-in and agree to participate in Enebium Club as prompted on the Platform or by clicking here.

    Enebium is virtual ENEBA loyalty points which may be earned by ENEBA Users for making purchases on the Platform, completing tasks, earning achievements and in other ways, as displayed on the Platform.

    Whenever you make a purchase on ENEBA, you will earn Enebium according to the following formula:

    1 EUR spent = 10 Enebium points
    1 Enebium point = 0.1 EUR spent

    If you make purchases in a currency other than EUR, you will earn Enebium equivalent to your local currency in accordance with the above formula. Some purchases do not grant Enebium (such as refunds, products on sales, subscriptions and similar). ENEBA reserves the right to exclude purchases from granting Enebium.

    You may also earn Enebium by creating an ENEBA account, registering for newsletters, using ENEBA app, leaving reviews or completing various other tasks offered by ENEBA, earning ENEBA achievements or in other ways as presented on the Platform. Please note that not all ways to earn Enebium may be available at the launch of the Enebium Club and they may differ depending on your region.

    ENEBA may add additional ways to earn Enebium at any time. While generally the amount of Enebium you may earn is not limited, ENEBA reserves the right to limit the amount of Enebium you may earn or remove earned Enebium in cases of technical errors, suspicious or fraudulent activity.

  3. How can you use and spend Enebium?

    You may spend Enebium on the Platform in the ways currently being offered by ENEBA. These may include exchanging Enebium to mystery boxes, entering raffles for various prizes, participating in weekly auctions and/or exchanging Enebium to other prizes (all together referred to as “Prizes”). Please note that not all Prizes may be available at the launch of Enebium Club and may be enabled later, subject to the sole discretion of ENEBA. ENEBA reserves the right to alter and modify the list of Prizes at any time, without any prior notice. ENEBA reserves the right to limit available Prizes depending on the participating User’s region.

  4. Limitations. Expiration date

    Enebium is not real money. Enebium does not earn interest. Enebium may only be exchanged for prizes offered by ENEBA on ENEBA Platform. You may not sell or exchange Enebium in any way except as permitted by ENEBA on the Platform and these Enebium Club T&Cs.

    Enebium expires after 1 year of being credited to a User’s account.

    ENEBA reserves the right to limit any User’s ability to participate in Enebium Club and earn Enebium, including, but not limited to cases where ENEBA reasonably believes that the User is a business entity purchasing Products on the Platform for commercial purposes.

  5. Changes to Enebium Club T&Cs

    ENEBA may modify the Enebium Club T&Cs at any time. All changes to the Enebium Club T&Cs shall be made available on the Platform.

    ENEBA is entitled to terminate User’s participation in the Enebium Club and/or remove any amount of accumulated Enebium from a User with immediate effect if: (i) the User abuses the Enebium Club or causes any harm or detriment to ENEBA, Vendors, other Users; (ii) ENEBA has reasonable belief of fraudulent acts by the User when using or earning Enebium, or (iii) the User otherwise fails to comply with the obligations arising from these Enebium Club T&Cs, ENEBA Terms and Conditions or applicable laws.

  6. Personal data

    ENEBA Privacy Notice available here describes our processing of personal data in relation to your User Account and the Enebium Club.

    We will collect personal information from you related to your participation in Enebium Club, including the ways you earn and use Enebium, complete various tasks offered by ENEBA, participate in Enebium Club events and other similar information related to your participation in Enebium Club.

    ENEBA processes the above personal data to be able to offer the participation in Enebium Club to you under the contract between you and ENEBA. We use the data to enable you to use the benefits of Enebium Club and show the status of your earned Enebium. If you contact our customer service, we will use the information provided by you to answer your questions or solve your complaint.