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Airline Tycoon 2 Steam Key GLOBAL

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Works on:
  • Windows

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    Product description

    Airline Tycoon 2

    A sequel to the fan favorite Airline Tycoon, Airline Tycoon 2 challenges you to be the head of an airline company once again!

    Prove that you have got what it takes to grow a flight company, improve airplane design, avoid flight delays and satisfy your customers on your way to becoming a powerhouse company in the world of airlines!


    Minimale systeem vereisten

    • Systeemvereisten
      Windows XP / Vista / 7
    • Processor
      3 GHz Intel Pentium D / AMD Athlon 64 3000+
    • Geheugen
      1 GB
    • Graphics
      Nvidia Gece 8600 GT / ATI Radeon X 1800

    Andere details

    PEGI 3
    • Talen
      • Duits
      • Engels
    • Releasedatum:
      25 oktober 2013
    • Uitgever
      Kalypso Media
    • Ontwikkelaars
    • Werkt op
    € 0,89

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