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Battlefield 4: Naval Strike (DLC) Origin Key EUROPE

€ 4,50
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    Product description

    Battlefield 4 : Naval Strike (DLC)

    Battlefield 4: Naval Strike is one of the five expansion packs for Battlefield 4 FPS game, the expansion is also included in BF4 Premium. The expansion pack adds intense aquatic action across four customized and themed maps, traverse the South China Sea and immerse in:

    • Lost Islands — downed passenger plane makes its landing in one of the tropical isles, stage is set.

    • Nansha Strike — fight the unpredictable foe and even more so unpredictable ocean waves in the largest ocean map in BF history so far!

    • Wave Breaker — use shipping docks as cover, rush through the rocky islands, and lure your foe to a hidden naval base, where real havoc awaits.

    • Operation Mortar — abandoned cliff-side resort will force you to utilize your siege-breaking skills to your very limits. And don’t forget to enjoy the view, it’s really something.

    Battlefield 4 is a first-person shooter sequel developed by EA DICE and published by Electronic Arts. The brand continues to mark their series relevance in the ever-lasting online warfare. This time action takes place in a fictional war happening in 2020, six years after the events of its prequel. Once again, it’s an all-out conflict between US and Russia, however this time China is up for a ride as well. With an all new Frostbite 3 engine, Battlefield brings even more detailed and realistic environments, higher resolution textures and particle effects to it’s single-player campaign and seven multiplayer modes.


    Minimale systeem vereisten

    • Systeemvereisten
      Windows Vista SP2 32- BIT
    • Processor
      AMD Athlon X2 2.8 GHZ / INTEL CORE 2 DUO 2.4 GHZ
    • Geheugen
      4 GB RAM
    • Graphics
      512 MB RAM VRAM AMD Radeon HD 3870 / NVIDIA GEFORCE 8800 GT
    • Opslag
      30 GB

    Aanbevolen systeemvereisten

    • Systeemvereisten
      Windows 8 64-Bit
    • Processor
      AMD Six-core CPU, Intel quad-core CPU
    • Geheugen
      8 GB RAM
    • Graphics
      NVIDIA Gece GTX 660 / AMD Radeon HD 7870
    • Opslag
      4 GB

    Andere details

    PEGI 18
    • Talen
      • Duits
      • Engels
      • Frans
      • Italiaans
      • Pools
      • Portuguese-Brazil
      • Russisch
      • Simplified Chinese
      • Spaans
      • Traditional Chinese
      • Tsjechisch
    • Releasedatum:
      1 april 2014
    • Uitgever
      Electronic Arts Inc.
    • Ontwikkelaars
      EA Digital Illusions/EA DICE
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    € 4,50

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