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Battlefield 1 (PC) Origin Key GLOBAL

€ 5,51
  • GlobaalCan be activated in Verenigde Staten van Amerika
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  • Windows

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    Product description

    Battlefield 1 Origin key

    EA’s Battlefield 1 key turns back the clock and brings us into the very first massive global conflict of the modern era. It’s the fifth game in the series, but the very earliest in the time frame where the action is occurring. Massive multiplayer mode that Battlefield is widely known for, incredible constantly changing environments, various air and ground vehicles, and weapons used at that time are recreated within the game’s setting. There’s more, BF1 key also unlocks a game with a well-written single-player story mode, which features 5 in-depth tales from the respected era.

    Ever-changing battlefield

    Buy Battlefield 1 key and decide where to start your fight as an all-out world war revolves around cities, mountains, and deserts. The environments are immersive and vast, with bombs exploding and bullets flying everywhere. All that surrounds you can be destroyed at any given time, which means there isn’t a single corner where you can feel outright safe.

    Do Bring a Horse to a Tank Fight

    Amongst the already familiar tanks and planes that we are all accustomed to, with Battlefield 1 key you’ll also be able to operate an armored train, gigantic airships, revolutionary warship – Dreadnought, and last but not least a horse. Following historical accuracy, Battlefield 1 has riders striding in battle on a horseback, as the setting represented in BF1 marked the last conflict, during which horses had any relevant use. The speed and maneuverability provided by a horse is not a matter of laughter though.

    News to BF1 Multiplayer

    With a multiplayer fitting for up to 64 players, Battlefield 1 key once again packs the battleground with intense explosions, never-ending action, and havoc. Together with the standard all-out multiplayer gun-down, an all-new Operations mode is here. In this multiplayer mode, players are placed in two teams, one tries to push the frontline onto the next map, while the other fights to prevent this from happening.

    Do you want more action? Check out our full Battlefield series collection!


    Minimale systeem vereisten

    • Systeemvereisten
      64-bit Windows 7, Windows 8.1 Windows 10
    • Processor
      AMD FX-6350 / Intel Core i5 6600K
    • Geheugen
      8 GB RAM
    • Graphics
      2 GB VRAM - AMD Radeon HD 7850 / NVIDIA GeForce GTX 660
    • Opslag
      50 GB
    • Aanvullende notities

    Aanbevolen systeemvereisten

    • Systeemvereisten
      64-bit Windows 10
    • Processor
      Intel Core i7 4790
    • Geheugen
      16 GB RAM
    • Graphics
      AMD Radeon RX 480 4GB / NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1060 3GB
    • Opslag
      50 GB

    Andere details

    PEGI 18
    • Talen
      • Duits
      • Engels
      • Frans
      • Italiaans
      • Pools
      • Portuguese-Brazil
      • Russisch
      • Spaans
      • Turks
    • Releasedatum:
      21 oktober 2016
    • Uitgever
      Electronic Arts Inc.
    • Ontwikkelaars
      EA Digital Illusions/EA DICE
    • Werkt op
    € 5,51

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