Uber Gift Card 500 EUR Uber Key EUROPE

Uber Gift Card 500 EUR Uber Key EUROPE

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601,55 €
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  • EuropaJungtinės Amerikos Valstijos yra netinkamas regionas aktyvacijai
  • Uber
    UberŽvilgtelk į aktyvavimo vadovą
  • Aktyvavimo raktasTai skaitmeninė produkto versija (CD-KEY)Momentinis pristatymas
Svarbus pastebėjimas:
  • This card is redeemable via the Uber app within Europe in cities where Uber is available. You may be required to add a secondary payment method to use this gift card with the Uber app.

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Uber Gift Card 500 EUR Key

In modern times, everything is going fast. You have to reach your destinations and meetings in time. There’s no time to wait, and Uber knows that. That’s why they offer both comfortable, safe, and fast transportation. With an Uber gift card, you can give rides to the people you care about or add value to your personal Uber account. It’s so simple and reliable – Uber offers an app that connects you to the best rides in minutes. You can choose low-cost or luxurious rides, depending on the occasion. Just use the Uber app for the most comfortable and affordable ride whenever you need it. Don’t wait any longer and grab this gift card today at a cheaper price!

What can I use the Uber gift card for?

Take a look at these features of Uber that will make your life better:

  • Everything connected. Uber connects consumers, restaurants, grocers, and other merchants, so you will always be able to reach every important destination. Keep in mind, that Uber is available in 10,000+ cities and 600+ airports;
  • Uber Eats. Uber also offers food delivery which is quick and reliable;
  • Improving transportation. Uber is interested in improving means of transportation to help those in need;
  • Various drive options. Get access to a big variety of rides. You can be sure that there will most definitely be a ride for you. Uber offers the UberX option, which is meant to be enjoyed by yourself, Uber Pool shared drive option for rides with a company, or the Uber Comfort option, which offers the most modern cars with more space;
  • • Cheap Uber gift card price.

It’s always better with Uber!

Keep in mind that with the Uber 500 EUR gift card key, you will get the best service since they always improve it. Get ready to enjoy the fastest, most comfortable, affordable, and safest rides in your life alone or with a company, when buying Uber gift card at a lower price today! You can be sure to get the best driving experience possible, which is simple and quick. Enjoy cheap Uber gift card prices, and always look at third-party resellers, such as Eneba, since we offer gift cards at the lowest price!

How to activate an Uber gift card?

Keep in mind, that gift cards apply Uber Cash or Uber credits to an Uber account.

To redeem a gift card in the Uber app:

  • • Get the latest version of the Uber app;
  • • Press the menu icon and select “Wallet”;
  • • Tap “Add Payment Method” or “Redeem Gift Card”;
  • • Select Gift Card;
  • • Enter your PIN/gift code (without spaces);
  • • Press “Add”;

Once a gift card is added to an Uber account, it can’t be transferred.

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