Mass Effect Trilogy Origin Key GLOBAL

Mass Effect Trilogy Origin Key GLOBAL

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Mass Effect Trilogy key

Buy Mass Effect Trilogy key and enjoy all of the three epic role-playing games with just one purchase. Created by Bioware and published by Electronic Arts, Mass Effect trilogy is one of the best sci-fi RPG experiences of its generation. Get to play as Commander Shepard, command the SSV Normandy and save the galaxy in any way you can.

Choices that Matter

Like all the games by Bioware, this trilogy attracts with its storytelling and various meaningful choices, as you can choose where your path will lead. See how the choices you make will shape the future of those closest around you as well as the whole races and galaxy alike. Buy Mass Effect Trilogy key and find out how the end of the game will depend on the different choices you made along the way.

Get to Know Your Companions

Aside from amazing storytelling, this trilogy will offer many unique characters, each adding something to your own story. Get to know their fears and motivations, their hopes, and dreams. Help them on their quests and receive their gratitude and devotion in return. Fight your enemies together and continue travelling until you reach your goal and start the epic final battle against the Reapers.

Stop the Reapers

Buy Mass Effect Trilogy key and save the galaxy. Your main job will be to stop the Reapers: an all-devouring and limitless and terrifying enemy. But it will not be easy. You will have to rise to the occasion by working ruthlessly and tirelessly on becoming the best of the best in the galaxy. Not only you will have to use amazing combat skills, but you will also get to travel to unseen worlds in distant star systems.

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  • Amžius: 18+Amžius: 18+
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  • Daugelio žaidėjų režimasDaugelio žaidėjų režimas
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2013 m. lapkričio 7 d.


BioWare Corporation


Electronic Arts Inc.

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