Hunting Simulator 2 XBOX LIVE Key GLOBAL

Hunting Simulator 2 XBOX LIVE Key GLOBAL

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    Descrizione del prodotto

    What is Hunting Simulator 2

    “Hunting seasons is open!” – announce Neopica and Bigben Interactive as they present Hunting Simulator 2 Xbox key, the sequel to the first-person simulation title. The game, naturally, revolves around tracking and hunting down various animals, demanding such skills as stealth, precision, knowledge about animal habits and patience. Hunt and discover the rare animal species with a loyal dog by your side, your set of skills and immense knowledge!

    No story to follow – only your instincts

    In the Hunting Simulator 2, there is no plot or objectives signifying a linear gameplay with a certain closure to it at the end. For a change, the game gives the players all the freedom in the world to act as they like – explore the woods and fields in search of animals and experiencing the thrill of hunting down some huge bear or an agile wolf. There are certain limitations, though. You can hunt down thirty-three different animals over the three regions available, but for each animal there is a hunting license. Other than that, your only objective is to practice until you become the unmatched hunting expert!

    Small things make a difference

    If you seek a game to stimulate your senses and introduce you to some new knowledge, then what you need is Hunting Simulator 2. Codes of the conventions of hunting don’t restrict you in the game, instead, encourage you to proceed at your own pace and peril. Picking out the right gun, selecting the right dog breed to accompany you, finding the good tracks of an animal while meeting first rays of sunrise – it’s the small things that make the game so enjoyable and, in a way, relaxing. The game presents plenty of tools to enhance your hunting process, such as scent masks, sprays, various ranged weapons, bullets and bows. What use you will make of these depends entirely on your skills and creativity!

    Hunting Simulator 2 features

    Hunting Simulator 2 Xbox key presents some advanced gameplay features to keep the players entertained for hours to come, finding new ways and means of hunting more effectively in regard to tracking the animals as well as taking them down:

    • Open world for you to explore to your heart’s content – plains of Colorado, the Texan desert and the European forests;
    • 33 animal species to get acquainted with, track them down in their natural habitat and learning best techniques of hunting them down;
    • Advanced AI ensures the realistic animal behaviours, and as a result, the hunting can appear challenging at times;
    • Several dog breeds to pick out from to help track down the animals – German Shorthaired Pointer, Labrador Retriever and, of course, Beagle;
    • Over 160 weapons, accessories, clothing items, tracking devices and other objects that veteran hunters tend to use;
    • Cheaper Hunting Simulator 2 price.

    Try out the different landscapes and hunting methods to gain expertise in hunting process. Breath-taking sceneries, a perfect companion and the sense of anticipation – a perfect combination to get with a cheap code - Hunting Simulator 2!

    Altri dettagli

    PEGI 16
    • Lingue
      • Inglese
    • Data di rilascio
      30 giugno 2020
    • Editore
    • Sviluppatori