Borderlands (GOTY) (Xbox One) Xbox Live Key GLOBAL

Borderlands (GOTY) (Xbox One) Xbox Live Key GLOBAL

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    Tradotto automaticamenteGioco divertente, molte cose da fare, buon gioco di ruolo d'azione.
    Tradotto automaticamenteUn gioco molto completo con grafica e audio funziona molto bene. Doppiaggio di ottimo livello e la sua versione per una x è di grande qualità.
    Tradotto automaticamenteBorderlands è la prima parte di una serie di sparatutto in prima persona nello scenario western spaziale.
    Tradotto automaticamenteOttimo gioco, con tante ore e tante cose da fare. Consigliatissimo.
    Tradotto automaticamenteQuesto gioco è la bomba! È stato fantastico su Xbox 360 e PS3, ma ora è anche meglio di prima e include tutti i DLC.

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Descrizione del prodotto

Borderlands (GOTY) (Xbox One)

Borderlands (GOTY) key, or Game of The Year Edition, offers the finest and most complete experience that the Gearbox Software’s shooter-looter FPS game can offer. The Borderlands 3 has been officially confirmed, but there’s still quite some time until the occasion. While you are waiting, why not refresh your memory with the game from which the unprecedented saga has risen?


If you’re just hearing about the Borderlands (GOTY) key for the very first time, today’s your lucky day. Because you’re about to discover an experience quite unlike anything else on the market. Wield millions of different firearms, traverse the beautiful Pandora planet, partake in Vault Hunter activities, and fight epic enemies and devastating bosses! And the best thing about it is that the game’s intended for groups of 4! Co-op your way to victory, share items, kills, and good emotions!

Game of the Year?

Yes, Borderlands (GOTY) key presents a truly worthy-of-award experience straight at your door! Pick it up and immerse in the role-playing shooter adventures! The GOTY Edition includes:

  • Base Borderlands game.
  • The Zombie Island of Dr Ned DLC – There are rumours flying that the dead have risen, visit a small town and prove the rumours false!
  • The Secret Armory of General Knox DLC – Borderlands game has plenty of weapons, gear, and vehicles on offer, but General’s Knox’s Armory holds more, look it up!
  • Claptrap’s Robot Revolution DLC – The claptraps are your awesome helpers all throughout the Borderlands (GOTY) key, though, not when they decide upon a rebellion – witness it first-hand!
  • Mad Moxxi’s Underdome Riot DLC – You are either known and powerful or unknown and poor, that’s the rules in this universe, however, they can be changed in a competitive manner, just visit the Underdome Arena!

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  • Data di rilascio
    26 ottobre 2013
  • Editore
    2K Games
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    Gearbox Software