I didn’t receive my game pre-order yet

If you haven't received your game pre-order yet, please keep the following information in mind:


  • Release Day Delivery. Pre-order games are typically delivered on the day of the official release. It's important to note that the delivery may not necessarily occur at midnight. The specific delivery time can vary depending on various factors from the game key distributors.

  • Early Access. Pre-order games usually do not come with early access unless explicitly stated. Early access is often separate from preordering and may require participation in specific programs. If you were expecting early access to the game, it's important to verify the details provided during the pre-order process to confirm whether early access is included or not.

  • Patience. If the release day has arrived, but you still haven't received your game pre-order, please be patient. Delivery times can vary, and it's possible that the game is en route and will be delivered to you soon. 


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