• Action
  • Shooter
  • Singleplayer
  • Multiplayer
  • FPS
  • Gore
  • Stealth
  • Violent
  • Cult Classic
  • Comic Book
  • Stylized
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    Description du produit

    XIII Xbox CD

    Critics and gamers alike have received the game with welcoming hands and gave it a positive rating for a reason. When speaking about FPS games, XIII CD on Xbox is one of the first video games that should pop up as it boasts engrossing gameplay followed by memorable experiences and unforgettable moments. Developed by teams from PlayMagic and published by a renowned company Microids on 2003-10-08, the game holds up to the standards of noteworthy video games. A set of gameplay features introduce novelty to the genre that already is already brimming with titles, and you are in for a ride with this one! Buy XIII Xbox CD cheaper today!

    FPS genre

    As XIII Xbox CD is a First-Person Shooter game, players can expect intense and violent combat which will require them to be fast and accurate at all times. Full of action, it’ll test your hand-eye coordination, reflexes and reaction time. Get ready to forget about all the stress from the outside world. If you can’t, then the game is also here for you to blow off some steam. Carefully identify your targets, shoot them down and triumph. Repeat it again and again and become the most competent player out there!


    Once you try XIII CD, you’ll be blown away by all the features and innovations! You're bound for an immersive experience since this title includes:

    • • Singleplayer - Players can engage with the story of the solo campaign;
    • • Online multiplayer - You can participate in online matches with others via the internet;
    • • Stealth - You have to distract foes, use disguises, and hide to avoid alerting enemies throughout the game;
    • • Violent - Contains various depictions of torture, injuries, and gruesome deaths;
    • • Cult classic - The game acquired lots of die-hard fans who consider it to be a masterpiece;
    • • Stylized graphics - This title stands out for its design choices which emphasize certain features of the world by simplifying and exaggerating them;
    • • Exploration - This title emphasizes traversing undiscovered locations and unearthing hidden secrets.