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Vostok Inc. Nintendo Switch

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    Description du produit

    Vostok Inc. Nintendo Switch CD

    Developed by such a distinguished gaming studio as Nosebleed Interactive and published by globally known Wired Productions, the Vostok Inc. CD delivers an electrifying experience one simply could not pass by. Released in 2017-07-26 and available on Nintendo Switch, the title is ready to redefine your gaming experience at the seams! Buy Vostok Inc. CD for a cheaper price and enjoy hours of engaging and jovial gameplay, a fine entertainment in the virtual world, perfect for unwinding after a long day or draw inspiration from. Witness the unlimited potential of Vostok Inc. Nintendo Switch CD today for a lucrative offer!

    Indie genre

    Being an Indie game, Vostok Inc. Nintendo Switch CD produces a unique experience never seen before in any other art game. Refined and thought-provoking at the same time, it stands out as a fun game delivering a new kind of thrill to its players. The game is for those who want to experience something new and see how well they’re able to adapt to the unfamiliar gameplay. Players can expect… Well, anything. No one knows what will happen as they enroll into the game. That’s why it’s so fun and exciting!


    Enthusiasts of this type of games are in for a treat with Vostok Inc. CD! This title includes many key features and mechanics that enhance the overall experience:

    • Action - This title includes challenges that have to be overcome utilizing such skills as precision, quick response time, etc..
    • First-person view - Players see their surroundings from the perspective of their character.
    • Singleplayer - The game includes a story campaign meant for solo players.
    • Full controller support - The game can be played entirely with a controller without a keyboard or a mouse.
    • Arcade - Players have to beat levels which become increasingly challenging the better they get.
    • RPG - You create a protagonist, participate in combat, improve their skills, and complete missions.
    • Space setting - Players explore the seemingly endless galaxy and visit faraway planets, start-systems, and more.

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