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Shadowrun Returns

Shadowrun Returns is a strategy RPG developed by Harebrained Schemes. This game is the reinvented version to a game created more than 2 decades ago! Enter a world where cyberpunk is merged with magic! The year is 2054, and the society has rediscovered magic, orcs, elves, and trolls walk among us, and various mechanical enhancements are at all-times-high. The world however, is a tedious and dark place to live in, as greedy corporations are in control of pretty much everything.

Play as a mercenary Shadowrunner, who survives on day-by-day basis doing the work that everyone else refuses.

The game also features Shadowrun Editor using which every creative soul can create their own story and campaign to this futuristic fantasy dystopian tale. No coding skills or art degree is required to create your personal journey, enjoy!

Détails du jeu

  • Âge 12+Âge 12+
  • Mono-joueurMono-joueur
  • Bird-viewBird-view

Genre :

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Langues :

  • Allemand
  • Anglais
  • Espagnol, Castillan
  • Français
  • Italien
  • Russe

Date de publication :

July 25, 2013


Harebrained Schemes


Harebrained Holdings

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  • Graphique: GeForce GT 230 / Radeon HD 2900 GT
  • Stockage: 2 GB