Europa Universalis III (Complete Edition) Steam Key GLOBAL

Europa Universalis III (Complete Edition) Steam Key GLOBAL

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Europa Universalis III (Complete Edition)

Explore a vast, rich world in a timeline spanning over nearly 400 years with the Europa Universalis III Complete Edition. In this Paradox’s powerhouse of a strategy game you can start at any point in history between years 1453 and 1820, taking the lead of a single nation and slowly turning it into a full pledged empire!

The Complete Edition includes the base game, Europa Universalis III, along with In Nomine and Napoleons Ambition expansions, ensuring for dozens, if not hundreds, hours of gameplay before you even start getting bored!

Détails du jeu

  • Âge 12+Âge 12+
  • Mono-joueurMono-joueur
  • Bird-viewBird-view

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  • Allemand
  • Anglais

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January 23, 2013


Paradox Development


Paradox Interactive

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  • Configuration système : Windows XP SP2
  • Processeur: 1.9 GHz Pentium 4
  • Mémoire: 1 GB RAM
  • Graphique: DirectX 9.0c PS 2.0
  • Stockage: 1 GB