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PlayStation Plus Card 90 Days (SE)

PlayStation Plus Card 90 Days (SE) subscription offers you a membership that will enhance your gaming experience by quite a large bit. How? While PlayStation Network is a free-of-charge platform, it also has features that are only accessible via monthly membership fee, and precisely these features will grant you all the good stuff! Join the PS Plus community and benefit from free games, tons of discounts, online accessibility, and numerous special offers!

By activating the subscription card, you’ll be able to enjoy two awesome games every month, entirely free of charge! Throughout the PlayStation Plus Card 90 Days duration, in total, that’s six free games you get to experience! And these are no mere freebies, some of the most popular, desired, and critically acclaimed games are always on the list, so there’s no doubt you’ll like it!

And while free games are awesome for solo play, solo play is not always what you want. And this is where PS Plus membership really shines. Acquire or extend your membership and bring your gaming experiences online! Compete against millions of PlayStation enthusiasts all around the world, or simply invite your friends for a shared adventure – what’s more fun than playing together?!

Buy PlayStation Plus Card 90 Days because this is not the end to PS Plus features. Gain numerous offers on the latest game betas & demos, enjoy a whole ton of member-exclusive discounts on the PS Store and use various other features that are only available once you’re a member. If you’re planning to acquire at least a few games in the span of three months, acquiring the PS Plus subscription is certain to save you a pretty penny!

Date de publication :

November 29, 2013


Sony Online Entertainment


Sony Online Entertainment