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Playstation Plus Card 365 days (NO)

PlayStation Plus Card 365 Days (NO) subscription extension expands your gaming horizon by quite a lot. PlayStation Network is essentially a free-to-use service, however, some of its most desired features are only accessible via a monthly subscription. By becoming a member you’ll get to enjoy a ton of free games, numerous discounts on your most desired titles, online play accessibility and a whole lot more!

Who could refuse a bunch of free-of-charge games? Pretty much no-one, and that’s what this membership is all about! With the PlayStation Plus Card 365 Days subscription extension you’d get a total of 24 free games! PS Plus offers two games per month that you can add straight to your game library with no additional fees. This factor alone could easily seal the deal in terms of the card’s value, however, there’s plenty more on offer here!

While it’s very compelling to play the free-of-charge games anytime you find the sufficient amount of time, you know that gaming has more than just the single-play value, and that’s why PS Plus subscription is so important to own. Buy the PlayStation Plus Card 365 Days subscription extension and bring your gaming online! Share your journeys and adventures with friends and compete against millions of players worldwide!

If you’re a gaming enthusiast, it’s more than likely that you’ll acquire at least a few awesome titles in the span of 12 months, and if that’s the case, the PS Plus subscription will save you a pretty penny – it’s quite likely that it’ll actually pay for itself! Why? Because PS Store has a whole array of member-exclusive discounts for your most desired games! Purchase the yearly subscription and save up a ton on your future purchases!

Date de publication :

November 29, 2013


Sony Online Entertainment


Sony Online Entertainment