The Elder Scrolls Online: Greymoor Pre-Purchase Official Website  Key GLOBAL

The Elder Scrolls Online: Greymoor Pre-Purchase Official Website Key GLOBAL

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  • Includes base game + Greymoor DLC! Upon buy you will receive key that can already be activated and will grant bonuses and instant access to expansion once it releases: 5/26/2020! To activate code visit:

ESO: Greymoor Pre-Purchase Official Website key

Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim is often considered to be one of the best – if not the best – RPG video games of all time. If you happen to be one of the fans of the fifth installment in mainline Elder Scrolls series – don’t hesitate to buy ESO: Greymoor key! Developers ZeniMax Online and publisher Bethesda Softworks are bringing Skyrim back with the new expansion for epic fantasy MMORPG Elder Scrolls Online. Along with the upgrades to the ESO map, players will also receive a variety of new content and 30 hours-worth of main guest gameplay.

The land of Skyrim in ESO

Even though Elder Scrolls fans already had the pleasure of visiting Skyrim in the infamous 2011 RPG, the experience will still be significantly different from the last time for those who will buy ESO: Greymoor key. Since Elder Scrolls Online is set around 1000 years before the events of Elder Scrolls V, the land of Skyrim will be significantly different, featuring new characters, locations, and circumstances. While the surface area of Skyrim will be smaller than it was in the 2011 game, ESO Greymoor DLC expansion will give players a chance to explore a much more elaborate and complex Blackreach underground dungeon system that makes up 40% of the new area.

New gameplay features

ZeniMax Online are known to be generous with their Elder Scrolls online player-base, and this will not change with the Greymoor expansion. Buy ESO: Greymoor key to explore new delves, participate in Harrowstorm public events, test out new vampire class upgrades such as the new ultimate ability that allows the player to transform into a corrupted Vampire Lord. Fight alongside fan-beloved ESO characters like the Lyris Titanborn (voiced by Jennifer Hale) and face a variety of new enemies like werewolves and witches!

Search for antiquities

ESO Greymoor DLC expansion also introduces the new Antiquities system, similar to the Archeology profession from World of Warcraft. This means that players who’ll buy ESO: Greymoor key will be able to explore the world of ESO and discover various artifacts related to the Elder Scrolls lore. The Antiquities system is not limited to Skyrim – owners of the Greymoor expansion will be able to discover relics of the past scattered throughout different parts of Tamriel. So purchase the ESO: Greymoor Official Website key and add unprecedented variety to your Elder Scrolls Online experience!

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9 mars 2020


Zenimax Online Studios


Bethesda Softworks

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