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LEGO Marvel Collection Xbox One

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    Xbox one - lego marvel collection Jeu neuf sous blister Optimisé pour Xbox one et série X La Collection LEGO Marvel contient trois jeux LEGO Marvel bourrés d'action : 1 - LEGO Marvel Super Heroes, 2 - LEGO Marvel's Avengers, 3 - LEGO Marvel Super Heroes 2 + le contenu du Season Pass de chaque jeu !

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    Description du produit

    LEGO Marvel Collection Xbox One CD

    LEGO Marvel Collection includes:

    • • LEGO Marvel Super Heroes;
    • • LEGO Marvel's Avengers;
    • • LEGO Marvel Super Heroes 2.

    Looking for a game that’s a perfect escape from reality to unwind after a long and tiring day? Look no further! Developed by an experienced team from TT Games and published by Warner Bros. Interactive, LEGO Marvel Collection CD that’s available on Xbox One invites you to dive into an experience that redefines Action-adventure gaming genre as you know it. Smooth gameplay, engaging features, and a delightful premise - together they create a game worthy of your time and effort, because the entertainment you’re going to experience will leave unforgettable memories! Buy LEGO Marvel Collection Xbox One CD at a cheaper price and begin your fun journey today!

    Action-adventure genre

    If you like a little action and a little puzzle, then LEGO Marvel Collection Xbox One CD is for you. Coming from the hybrid genre of action-adventure games, it’ll sweep you off your feet immediately. It won’t only test how fast and accurate you are. It will also test your ability to think in the most ingenious ways. Get ready to expose a bunch of your skills, maybe some of which you didn’t know existed. Reflexes, hand-eye coordination, logic and problem solving will be just a few of them.


    Curious about what awaits you once you buy LEGO Marvel Collection CD? Here are some gameplay elements and innovations that will hook you in right from the start:

    • LEGO graphics - The world is entirely made up of colourful LEGO bricks.
    • Superheroes - Players meet various crime-fighting heroes and dastardly bad guys, ready to wreak havoc upon the world.
    • Comedy - The game includes many intentionally humorous moments.
    • Atmospheric setting - The immersive world is accompanied by stunning visuals, charming soundtrack, and fluid gameplay mechanics.
    • Story-rich - The game heavily focuses on building a well-crafted narrative above everything else.
    • Action - This title includes challenges that have to be overcome utilizing such skills as precision, quick response time, etc..
    • Singleplayer - The game features a solo campaign with a story.

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