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Sifu - Digital Deluxe Edition (PC) Epic Games Key EUROPE

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22,79 €
  • EuropeNe peut pas être activé dans États-Unis d’Amérique
  • Epic Games
    Epic GamesPeut être activé sur Epic Games. Voir notre Guide d'activation.
  • Clé numériqueIl s'agit d'une édition numérique du produit (CD-KEY)Livraison instantanée
Fonctionne sur:
  • Windows
Avis important:
  • The Deluxe Edition of Sifu includes the base game, the official Artbook "The Art of Sifu" as well as the official soundtrack of the game composed by Howie Lee.

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    Description du produit

    Sifu - Digital Deluxe Edition (PC)

    If you are a fan of interesting indie games, you probably know the atmospheric Absolver. The creators of this game, an independent studio Sloclap, present their newest title Sifu. Epic Games publishes this title on PC. Buy Sifu (PC) Epic Games key at a cheaper price and enjoy the unique brawler experience. Sifu is a third-person action game, which offers intense close combat. In the game, you will control a young Kung Fu student and travel with him through levels filled with enemies, in the name of vengeance. Sifu (PC) Epic Games key also offers a unique mechanic. Thanks to that, every time you die, your character will age one year. It seems that one life won’t be enough for this adventure.

    Sifu gameplay features

    In this unique game, you can expect interesting and innovative gameplay elements, that will enrich your experience:

    • The art of Kung Fu. It is learned through practice. It is the way of the body and mind, and you will have to learn it. You will learn from your mistakes, unlock new skills and find the power within yourself for mastering devastating technics of Pak Mei Kung Fu;
    • An original approach towards death. Every time you die, your character will be one year older. Will you succeed to reach victory with a young protagonist?
    • High difficulty. Get ready to repeat the same levels again and again. Get ready to learn from your mistakes and become a better warrior. In this game, you won’t get bored;
    • Unique levels. You will be able to explore various levels. Each of them will be wonderful and unforgettable;
    • • Cheap Sifu (PC) Epic Games key price.

    On the way to vengeance

    The protagonist of Sifu is hunting those responsible for killing his family. One against all, without any allies and with a lot of enemies. You will have to master unique Kung Fu skills and get used to a mystic pendant. While hunting your enemies, you will have to travel through hidden corners of the city, from districts full of gangs to cold corridors of corporate towers. You have one day and an endless number of enemies. Every mistake means lost time. Are you ready? You will have to adapt to the conditions of enemies and smartly use your positioning and environment. This is crucial for surviving in the Sifu (PC) Epic Games key. You will be able to use various objects, guns, windows, and other things. Just know that the game world of Sifu wants you dead. You won’t find mercy here.

    Configuration requise

    Configuration système minimale

    • Configuration système
      Windows 8.1
    • Processeur
      AMD FX-4350 / Intel Core i5-3470
    • Mémoire
      8 GB RAM
    • Graphique
      Radeon R7 250 / GeForce GT 640
    • Stockage
      22 GB

    Autres détails

    • Langues
      • Allemand
      • Anglais
      • Coréen
      • Français
      • Italien
      • Japonais
      • Néerlandais, Flamand
      • Polonais
      • Portugais
      • Russe
      • Simplified Chinese
      • Traditional Chinese
      • Turc
    • Date de sortie
      8 février 2022
    • Éditeur
    • Développeurs
    • Fonctionne sur