Minecraft Starter Collection XBOX LIVE Live Key UNITED KINGDOM

Minecraft Starter Collection XBOX LIVE Live Key UNITED KINGDOM

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  • No expiration date. The product works ONLY in countries that have XBOX LIVE service available: https://www.xbox.com/en-US/live/countries . Make sure that your account and IP is LOCATED in one of the supported countries!

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    Descripción del producto

    Minecraft Starter Collection XBOX LIVE Live Key


    • • Base Game;
    • • Greek Mythology Mash-up;
    • • Plastic Texture Pack;
    • • Skin Pack 1;
    • • Villains Skin Pack;
    • • 700 Minecoins!

    REDEMPTION INSTRUCTIONS: To redeem your Minecoin and content, you must log in to Minecraft with your Microsoft Account on the game home screen and visit in the in-game Store.

    Looking for the indie game to challenge your skills and plunge you out of your boredom? Minecraft Starter Collection key is at your service! Developers from Mojang Studios marked 2018-10-09 as the day of the launch of Minecraft Starter Collection key on Xbox Live. Designed to keep you on your toes with challenges and twists, the title rewards players with a gratifying and worthwhile experience that keeps them returning to Minecraft Starter Collection key even years later. Buy Minecraft Starter Collection Xbox Live key at a cheaper price and plunge yourself into a game that takes fun to another level!

    Indie genre

    Defined by authorship and artistic integrity, this Indie game delivers a yet unseen experience. Minecraft Starter Collection Xbox Live key is the perfect fit for those who thrive in unfamiliar situations. Players can expect non-traditional gameplay full of experimentation. Knowing the other games inside and out can feel quite boring, therefore this game can be a good break from the same old routines. Test how well you can adapt to this unfamiliar gameplay by transferring skills from other games or by thinking of completely new techniques. The game will not only expose you to the developers’ imagination but it will also let you be creative too!


    Minecraft Starter Collection key offers a variety of gameplay features that will entertain thousands of players who are fans of this title's genre! Let's look at some of them below:

    • Co-op – Complete missions by doing them together with friends;
    • Crafting – You can create all kinds of tools via the robust crafting system;
    • Exploration – This title heavily focuses on travelling to uncharted locations and discovering secrets;
    • First-person view – You view the world through the eyes of your character;
    • Multiplayer – This feature allows you to play with others;
    • Retro/pixel graphics – The game is similar to old school SEGA games and utilizes visuals and models crafted with pixels;
    • • Cheap Minecraft Starter Collection price.

    Detalles del pedido

    PEGI 10
    • Idiomas
      • Inglés
    • Fecha de lanzamiento
      9 de octubre de 2018
    • Editor
      Microsoft Studios
    • Desarrolladores
      Mojang/Microsoft Studios