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Worms Rumble Steam key

Developed and brought to you by Team17, the game radiates energy because, for the first time in the series of Worms games, you can play real-time! Worms Rumble key introduces a myriad of new features that change the traditional Worms game mechanics but worry not - all the iconic weapons are in place. Engaging multiplayer that supports up to 32 players and with real-time fighting instead of turn-based mechanic creates a real battle royale Worms style! Buy Worms Rumble Steam key to experience a perfect mixture of elements that delineate the best of Worms games and innovative features!

What are Worms Rumble game features?

Grab your wormies and your bazookas, because it’s time to rock the battlefield! Worms Rumble key is crafted with a generous hand, meaning that you can enjoy a set of rollicking gameplay features!

  • Cross-platform multiplayer. Engage in action-packed battles with your friends and other players of which in total can be up to 32, and regardless of the platform you’re using - be it a PC or a gaming console;
  • Community activities. To make things more fun and interactive, the game will periodically hold community events and days where you can participate and win some terrific prizes;
  • Iconic weapons. Throw explosive sheep around, blow up places with the precious Bazooka or demolish huge portions of the arena and your opponents with one and only Holy Hand Grenade;
  • Real-time gameplay. The true innovation of Worms Rumble lies in the newly introduced real-time gameplay instead of the traditional turn-based mechanic;
  • • Cheaper Worms Rumble price.

Action-packed game modes

Worms Rumble game offers game modes that can be described as the craziest, most electrifying gameplay modes you’ll have a chance to play in! Presenting to you - Deathmatch, Last Worm Standing, and Last Squad Standing. Deathmatch is a solo mode where you are given a time limit, so it’s about destroying as many opponents but staying alive before time is up! Believe us, it’s as frantic as it gets. Buy Worms Rumble key and you will get to experience battle royale Worms style in the Last Worm Standing, a solo one, and the Last Squad Standing game modes where you must keep blowing up your enemies until only you or your squad remains!

Interactive arenas and real-time play!

Enjoy the real-time gameplay introduced into a Worms game for the first time in the history of the series! All bombarding is happening in real-time against other players, so you have to be aware that you can get blown away into oblivion at any second too if you let your guard down! With Worms Rumble Steam key, not a single moment passes without some action or someone getting blown to pieces. The arenas are interactive, you can backflip, hop around, crawl into vents, hide behind objects to take cover, and more! Sounds like the invigorating battle royale experience you’ve been looking for? That’s right!

Detalles del Juego

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  • Inglés

Fecha de lanzamiento:

1 de diciembre de 2020


Team17 Digital Ltd


Team17 Digital Ltd

Requisitos del sistema

Requisitos mínimos del sistema

  • Requisitos del sistema: Windows 10 64-bit
  • Procesador: Intel Core i5-2300 or FX-4350
  • Memoria: 4 GB RAM
  • Gráfico: 2GB NVIDIA GeForce or 2GB AMD Radeon

Requisitos del sistema recomendados

  • Requisitos del sistema: Windows 10 64-bit
  • Procesador: Intel Core i5-6600 or AMD Ryzen 5 1600
  • Memoria: 8 GB RAM
  • Gráfico: 4GB NVIDIA GeForce or 4GB AMD Radeon