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NBA 2K20 (Legend Edition) Steam Key EUROPE

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  • We want to inform you that NBA 2K20 servers were discontinued on December 31st, 2021, therefore, the online multiplayer aspect of the game won't work as expected.

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  • Monkeys Ltd.
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    Es mi primer juego de NBA y sinceramente es un juego tremendo, tanto por las físicas de los jugadores, como por la ambientación de los partidos y la personalización que permite.

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NBA 2K20 (Legend Edition) key

Are you ready to take on greater challenge? Check out NBA 2K21 Steam key and buy the newest addition to the series!

It is a trait of any good franchise to build upon the previous success. And so, NBA 2K20 is no exception. Taking all that was learned after the launch of 2K19, the developer Visual Concepts tinkered and tweaked the game to perfection. Buy NBA 2K20 (Legend Edition) key and witness the effect the newest technology has on the game’s graphics, play dynamics, and court interactions.

Inclusion is celebrated

The newest NBA 2K20 game will feature WNBA, as the female players possess as much talent – and thus relevance – to be transferred to the virtual world. If nothing else, the inclusion will diversify the series in the best of ways. With that said, the greatly awaited names also grace the list of NBA 2K20 players, among them is LeBron James, Kevin Durant and even rookies like Zion Williamson. So, the list of obtainable players sure is extensive.


Buy NBA 2K20 (Digital Legend Edition) key and see for yourself how 2K pushes the boundaries of what technology can do in terms of virtual sports. The developer of NBA 2K20 took it upon themselves to improve ball tangibility, which means that it will handle more smoothly as compared to the previous games and it should also be harder for a handler to lose the ball. This was achieved with the help of inverse kinematics, a true feat in the video game making industry.

2K also went all out on the graphics. To give their players the best possible experience, the company hired R4zoR – a well-known modder – to work on the character models for the NBA 2K20. Buy NBA 2K20 (Digital Legend Edition) key and witness first-hand whether the modder holds up in the big league, as he was like a fish in the water in NBA 2K19 mod community, and now it’s his time to share his talent with larger audiences.

The open-world Neighborhood is back as well! Take to the streets of your home turf and work your way up towards the stardom and fame. Customize your character with new and well-known brands, leave a mark on the local courts – everyone has to start somewhere! 

The goodies

No self-respecting Legendary edition comes empty-handed. Buy NBA 2K20 (Digital Legend Edition) key and reap the benefits of having additional funds (100,000 Virtual Currency and 50,000 MyTEAM Points), all yours to spend. Improve your players with 20 skill boosts and create a unique style with added clothing collections – from shoes to T-shirts. You will also receive weekly MyTEAM packs (delivered over 20 weeks) and 5 theme packs, ensuring you will stay ahead of the most. And finally, the edition has two Sapphire athlete cards; everything you need to get started on your basketball career.

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