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Sobre Eneba

Estamos en la misión de ayudar a todos en descubrir la alegría de los videojuegos

El futuro de los videojuegos va más allá del entretenimiento, ¡y es un privilegio ayudar a darle forma! Estamos construyendo un marketplace seguro, asequible y sostenible para todos los jugadores de hoy y mañana.

Nuestra historia

Vytis and Zygis, co-founders of Eneba, are avid gamers themselves. Their story began in Lithuania, in the early 2000s, sharing a dorm room. Students being students, they spent countless nights playing StarCraft, Lineage II, WarCraft, Heroes III, Command & Conquer, Civilization, FIFA, NBA, NukeZone, Counter-Strike, and Doom to name a few.

And, actually, most of the early business ideas came to them while gaming. Fast forward through a couple of companies built and a lot of learning, our co-founders decided to circle back to what sparked entrepreneurship in them - gaming! That’s how we came about. Eneba was born in 2018.

Today, our marketplace supports more than 5m active users (and growing fast!), provides a level of trust, safety and market accessibility unparalleled to none. We’re proud of what we’ve accomplished in such a short time and look forward to sharing this journey with you!