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  • To redeem the code go to: https://www.tibia.com/account/

Tibia 1500 Coins

Buy 1500 Tibia Coins and greatly boost your experience in Tibia game! Tibia Coins serve as the in-game currency that you can use on the in-game shop. Acquire the most exclusive items, ranging from convenience purchases to outfits, mounts, and many more. There is more than one way to acquire Tibia Coins, and a prepaid key code is certainly amongst the most convenient ones. A single purchase can grant you up to 4500 Coins! However, 1500 coins are quite plenty to significantly enhance your gameplay.

A Considerable Gift

It’s a worthy purchase no matter how you choose to use it. Buy 1500 Tibia Coins for your own benefit and expand your adventure by acquiring new looks, mounts, or many other quality and convenience items in-game. Or use this prepaid key as a thoughtful present to surprise that special Tibian you care for. Know someone who is lacking in coins? A special occasion is on the horizon? Tibia Coins can do wonders for your gamer friend, and you should without a doubt consider using this as a gift!

What‘s in Store

Tibia game presents a world of opportunity and a world of multiple adventures, however, if you want to enjoy it to the fullest, the use of Tibia Coins comes as a must. Buy 1500 Tibia Coins and offer yourself a chance to play as you deserve, and while you can always buy these coins through the in-game marketplace for gold – it might cost a small fortune. Change your character’s name, sex, or even the world you’re playing, all thanks to what’s available in store!


1. Juli 2015