Last weekend Žalgiris Arena was filled with League of Legends action. There, a well-known Lithuanian esports team, under the name of Žalgiris Esports, hosted its bootcamp sponsored by Eneba in order to prepare for the Baltic Esports League (BEL). During the bootcamp, Žalgiris Esports League of Legends team played qualifying matches and managed to beat all of its opponents making into the group stage of BEL.

The bootcamp lasted for three whole days and started with a team photo shoot and a meeting with sports psychology expert Andrius Liachovičius. During the session, the team was preparing mentally for the first qualifying round which gave the desired result.

In the first game, Žalgiris Esports team encountered, a team from Latvia. The first victory was achieved, but straight after that Žalgiris Esports suffered a defeat against Lithuanian team Губка Боб. After a terrible early game, Žalgiris Esports didn’t manage to come back and was pushed down to the lower qualifier bracket. This meant that the next 4 games had to be won in order to qualify to BEL group stage.

The second wind caught Žalgiris Esports as they stormed through lower bracket beating everyone including the last year finalist team from Latvia – ESCORT P9. The last game was a rematch with Žalgiris Esports took their revenge and secured the place in BEL group stage.

Baltic Esports League group stage will begin next Saturday, February 23rd and will be accessible via the league’s Twitch channel.

We’re super happy to be able to do our part in helping Žalgiris Esports to prepare for the most important games of the season. We wish them the best of luck in the group stage.