If you missed the thrill of a live esports event, Riot Games has you covered. The company announced the second stage of the Valorant Champions Tour which will head to Reykjavík, Iceland. The tournament will feature 10 top Valorant teams from around the world competing in a LAN environment for the very first time in the game’s history.

Here’s the announcement video:

The announcement also shared some details about the team’s selection. According to Riot Games, there will be 7 separate Stage 2 Challengers events happening online. These will flush out 10 best teams to compete on the Reykjavík’s stage – 2 spots will be reserved from Brasil, 2 teams will represent Europe, CIS & Turkey, 2 spots for North America, while Japan, Korea, LATAM, and Southeast Asia will get 1 spot for each.

You can learn more about the format in the official post over at Valorant’s page.

It’s a big step forward for Valorant Esports. While game tournaments are happening all the time, it will be the first chance since the game’s release for players to face off their opponent in a LAN environment. That means that there won’t be any more excuses regarding lag which was a big topic during other international tournaments organized by 3rd parties. It’s also a sign that esports, in general, might be returning to normal, so we hope it will succeed and more LAN tournaments will follow soon.

Valorant Stage 2 Masters is scheduled to kick off on May 24th. The event will happen for a week and should culminate in an epic final series on May 30th.