A new month means new games. October is all set to keep up the impact that September has started for the games all over the world. The second month of Autumn will have something for everyone: from team shooters to fun platformers to quiet discoveries, October’s upcoming video games are well worth a closer look. And the best part about these releases is that you can acquire all of the following titles cheaper right here, right on our Eneba store!


Maybe you want a fast-paced and thrilling experience that will grip you and push your nerves to the limit? Well, GRID will not disappoint. Boasting with unrivaled racing, the game promises to let the player forge a unique path, all in hopes of leaving a mark on the world of motorsport. The title is a special one in the list of upcoming video games since it stands as a bastion constantly proving that racing games can – at times – be more immersive than reality itself. You will find a great variety of selection in GRID, modern and classic models, iconic places, unforgettable races and – best of all – heart-stopping action on the racing track, where anything can happen and only the best come out on the top!

WWE 2K20

Speaking of sports, this next game will surely get your blood pumping. Step into the ring and test your might against the best of the best and battle with legends of WWE scene. Among the upcoming video games, WWE 2K20 serves to pay homage to both the dedicated fans and newcomers alike. Engage in a gripping (pun intended) combat and see how far your skill takes you in the MyCareer feature which lets the player create their avatar (male or female) and climb the ladder of success and prestige. If you ever wanted to become a professional wrestler, but never quite managed to, this is the next best thing!

Monkey King: Hero is Back


Now we breach the RPG section of our list of upcoming video games! Monkey King: Hero is Back is an interactive cinematic adventure, based on the movie by the same name. The premise is fairly original – it’s a retelling of the old myth, but with a twist. You control the famed Monkey King Sun Wukong, and your duty involves battling your way through the opposing enemies, all in the hopes of restoring the land to its proper state. This is your chance to relive the fantastic story, accompanied by charming characters, vivid setting and never-before-seen content that will entice both the gamers and admirers of the film.

Yooka-Laylee and the Impossible Lair

Upcoming video games listing would not be complete without us mentioning this platformer wonder. Yooka-Laylee is back, this time with more even creativity and mastery! Take control of the fantastic duo and do your best to assist the Royal Beetallion on their quest to save the day! Display your ingenuity when conquering the levels and gather your allies, for you will need them to survive the Impossible Lair and its dangers. One of the fun features of the game is the ability to alter elements of the game: maybe Yooka-Laylee will get the ability to do a double jump, or perhaps you will get a new colour scheme? This title among the October’s upcoming video games will allow you to flip the stage around and be able to reach places that before were barred to you, increasing the enjoyment and replayability and giving a new twist to the familiar setting.

Trine 4: The Nightmare Prince

Speaking of platformers, we have another great addition on offer. Trine 4 is the fourth adventure featuring the loveable trio of protagonists: Zoya the Thief, Pontius the Knight and Amadeus the Wizard. The main attraction of the series remains, as you will have to adapt their different skills in proper situations in order to advance and overcome the danger. Among the upcoming video games, this one will be a real treat! You will be chasing after a wayward prince in hopes of leading him back home and away from destruction – the fate of the world rests on the trio, so prepare your strategic and logical thinking and jump into the vivid and breathing fantasy world, switch between heroes and utilize their combos for maximum efficiency!

The Outer Worlds

Yet another brilliant game on our list is The Outer Worlds – a freedom-oriented game that will put your personal story on the forefront. Travel to the colonies that were overtaken by the corporations and use the upcoming video games release to try and set up your ‘zero to hero’ story, this time is space! Coming from the creative minds behind games like Fallout and Vampire: The Masquerade, this new game is set to make an impact. And in a true RPG fashion, liberty is the pin that holds this title. The Outer Worlds promises to allow the player to approach problems how they see fit – talk your way out or shoot a hole to storm through, your game is your way and there’s no one to tell you what is right.

Deliver Us The Moon

Last of upcoming video games is a unique one, leaning towards setting up the atmosphere rather than pushing a great adventure. Deliver Us The Moon is set in the future, where Earth can no longer sustain humanity and a solution has to be found. The player travels to the moon colony in hopes of finding a solution to the persisting problem, and maybe find out what happened to the previous colonists along the way. Solve puzzles in the vastness of space and keep an eye out for danger that might not come as an obvious threat at first; for space in endless and you never know what awaits.

BONUS: Fortnite Darkfire Bundle

If you enjoy the challenge that Fortnite brings and you also own a console, you should be glad to know that October will bring not only colder weather but also Fortnite Darkfire Bundle – the magnificent pack of goodies to enhance your next run-in with adversaries. Grab this bundle for any of your consoles – be it PlayStation 4, Xbox or Switch – and enjoy the new skins, weapons and a variety of bonus perks that will ensure your next game will be marked by stylish looks and cool designs! Among the upcoming video games, Fortnite Darkfire Bundle serves more as additional content, rather than an entirely new title, however, it is still an incredible catch, whether you are a long-time fan of Fortnite or are just planning to delve deeper into this stylish battle royale game.

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