While the latest Total War game was released just yesterday, it’s already breaking records. The developer of the game, Creative Assembly, confirmed that on its launch day, Total War: THREE KINGDOMS, set a new series record for concurrent players on Steam. And that’s only the beginning…

Currently, the Steam Stats page shows that over 160 000 players were in the game at the same time which is way above the all-time peak considering other Total War games. Warhammer, the most popular Total War series game had an all-time peak nearing 120 000 players.

However, we should keep in mind that it’s only the concurrent players’ amount and not the actual sales numbers. Furthermore, Total War: THREE KINGDOMS is still behind other Steam blockbusters such as Dota 2, PLAYERUNKNOWN’S BATTLEGROUNDS and Counter Strike: Global Offensive.

In any case, a great start might mean that Total War: THREE KINGDOMS could become the most successful game made by Creative Assembly in the entire company’s history. Early reviews of the game are overwhelmingly positive, and Creative Assembly already announced that the game was pre-ordered more than any other Total War game in the series.

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