There is no doubt that Minecraft is the game that started it all for the popularity of builder survival games. However, that does not mean that it is still the only good quality game of its kind! Nowadays there are a plethora of games like Minecraft that you can enjoy, whether you just want a break from Minecraft itself or are just looking for a new experience!

There are many rip-off games that look exactly like Minecraft, but you won’t find them on the list. We are looking at unique titles that have managed to captivate the spirit of the original survival builder. On top of that, those games have also added some unique value to the genre by introducing something new, which means that they are much more than just games like Minecraft. The titles you’ll find below are great games on their own, even if they do fall into the same category as the powerhouse that is Minecraft!


This game proves once more, that great graphics do not define a great game, as Terraria is incredibly popular in 2019, even though it looks like it could have been made 30 years ago. The experience here is all about character progression and making you feel as if you’re one with the character itself. Terraria nails this aspect of the game to perfection and it never runs out!

In this list of games like Minecraft, Terraria is definitely one that is the most similar, however, that’s not to say it isn’t unique! There is far more combat that is also more immersing than that in Minecraft, it is also a 2D side-scroller. Much like in Minecraft, though, Terraria does not have any natural story progression and instead focuses on improving your character and exploring new spaces. The possibilities of those things seem endless! You might literally spend weeks playing in the smallest world on the easiest difficulty level, while not many even know if there’s an end to the largest of worlds! If you’re looking for games like Minecraft that allow you to explore endlessly and face different challenges in a vast world, Terraria is definitely a game you ought to check out!

Stardew Valley

This game is not as much of a survival game as Minecraft or Terraria and is instead more of a farming, crafting and exploration simulator. One thing that Stardew Valley does have in common with the previously mentioned games, however, is the depth. There are so many activities you can possibly partake in, that running out of things to do is not something you should even be concerned about! The sheer depth is what puts this game in comparisons with games like Minecraft.

You can literally rake in three hundred hours of gameplay without even scratching the surface of all the possibilities that Stardew Valley has to offer! Some see it as just a farming simulator, however, there is so much more on offer! There are loads of NPC characters, all of whom are totally unique, there are skills such as mining, fishing, combat, and foraging to improve, you can even get married and form a family if you feel like it. The list of things to do is absolutely endless, so get ready to invest a lot of time in this absolute gem of a game!

No Man’s Sky

Looking for games like Minecraft that have far superior graphics and have a vast resource collection system with a focus on survival? Look no further than No Man’s Sky! Top that off with space exploration and you’ve got yourself a game for the ages!

Let’s be honest here, the game was not great upon its release in 2016. However, a few massive updates later, No Man’s Sky is exactly what it promised to be at the start!

This title does not have a linear storyline and allows the player to do pretty much whatever you want to do, and you will be surprised by the depth of the game, much like in previous games like Minecraft on this list!

By exploring new planets, you will unveil new resources, animals, plant-life, you will even learn new languages! You can even play the game in multiplayer, making it one of the most entertaining games to play with your friends! No Man’s Sky is an absolute must-have for any exploration game fanatic out there!

ARK: Survival Evolved

This game is one to introduce a new era of survival and exploration games, further extending the trend that was started by Minecraft a decade or so ago. At first glance you could say that comparing ARK: Survival Evolved to games like Minecraft is quite a stretch but once you look into it, everything starts making sense! After all, the basic premise of the game is that the players have to collect resources that allow them to survive. The further you progress into the game, the more resources you can get your hands on. This leads to a character progression that evolves from the days of cavemen and primitive housing to modern guns and massive castles! Oh, yeah, there are dinosaurs that can become your pets in the game too!

Once you really get into it, ARK: Survival is definitely one that needs to be mentioned amongst other games like Minecraft, it’s just that it has far superior graphics and a different feel to the game, while maintaining the same basic qualities of survival, resource management, and exploration!

7 Days To Die

The premise of this game is in its name, 7 Days To Die is heavily focused on the survival aspect. However, it’s not a zombie shoot ‘em up that you might expect from a game of this kind. Instead, the game focuses on gathering resources and building reliable bunkers that would allow you to survive. These are the qualities that make this game worth mentioning amongst other great games like Minecraft!

Will you have to shoot up zombies or fight them off with an axe or a hammer? Sure, but that only adds to the fun! The premise of building a fortress, collecting resources and surviving in a zombie infested environment is really reminiscent of Minecraft, however, 7 Days to Die is very much a unique and different title that is thoroughly enjoyable!

Minecraft is loved for its non-linear story that allows the players to go out and do basically whatever they want to as long as they survive. This basic premise is being kept up in all of the games like Minecraft mentioned above. Therefore, if you’re looking for something similar to the ever-popular block builder, look no further than these 5 standout titles!