There is a popular that goes: “Time wasted doing what you love is not wasted time”. And what better way for a gamer to kill time than video games? No matter if you need to kill a couple of minutes, or your “only a few hours” gaming sessions turn into an all-nighter exploring the worlds that make you feel like a hero, gaming will never be considered a waste of time. Dive into the games that will absorb you until the sun comes up.

Explore games that will definitely kill time, and if you want pointers on where to start, here are a few:

GTA games

If there’s one thing Grand Theft Auto games are known for, it’s the ever-expanding open worlds and the freedom to do pretty much anything. You can immerse yourself in well-written crime dramas and follow the lives of the low-life criminals, their rise to fame, or fall from grace. GTA’s open worlds offer many side activities, from collecting various items, playing mini-games, exploring the world for Easter Eggs and secrets, or simply causing total mayhem for the fun’s sake. There’s also an Online component with GTA V, which will help you kill some time.

The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim

The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim

If you really wanna kill some time, you’ll sink numerous hours playing Skyrim. Considered as one of the best open-world RPGs and originally released back in 2011 and re-released countless times more with updated visuals and DLCs, to this day Skyrim continues to be a fan favorite of the Elder Scrolls titles. Skyrim is freedom, freedom to create your hero and forge your own path and play style in a massive world full of monsters and dragons. If you’ve never played Skyrim before, truly, you are missing out. But once you do, just don’t be surprised if you’re caught by the first rays of the rising sun.

The Injustice 1 & 2

Injustice 2

Developed by the NetherRealm Studios, the same guys who made Mortal Kombat great again, came one of the best fighting games not only based on the DC Universe but also in the entire fighting genre. It also created a unique, engaging, and immersive storyline pitting DC superheroes and villains against one another. But who is the real friend and foe? If you’ve ever wondered where Zack Snyder got the inspiration for the apocalyptic dream sequences in BvS and the Snyder Cut of the Justice League, look no further than Injustice. We may never see what the Snyderverse would have looked like, but we can always experience the origins of it in the Injustice games.

Final Fantasy games

Final Fantasy 15

Whichever Final Fantasy game you’ll end up playing, one thing is for certain: you’ll sink countless hours exploring the mythical realms accompanied by the charming and unique cast of characters. The allure of the Final Fantasy series lies in the aesthetics. You can still boot up the original Final Fantasy VII and be awestruck by the mesmerizing pre-rendered backgrounds and the nothing less than epic Summon abilities. Pair everything up with fantastic turn-based RPG mechanics, great storytelling, and worlds you can’t stop exploring and you have a series of games that not only have been a staple of the industry but will kill hours upon hours of your time. The best part is, you won’t regret any of them.

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