If you loved playing games like Strife, Quake, Doom, or Rage, you might want to take off your hat and say a huge “Thank you” to the man behind it all. Tim Willits, id Software director, is leaving the company after 24 years spent in it.

Tim announced his departure in a new message on Twitter. According to the message, the games Tim was working on won’t be affected since the team is packed with an amazing talent that “will continue to develop (long in the future) some of the best shooters in the world.”

However, it seems like it’s not the end of the road for Tim Willits. In the same message, now-former id Software studio director mentioned that he has something else to share. He teased the reveal of his future plans right after the QuakeCon which will kick off on July 25th.

Of course, it’s sad to see Tim Willits go. He started his career at id Software as a level designer for Strife and multiple Quake games. He was promoted to a lead designer position while he was working on Doom 3, and took the lead of the studio in 2011, right after the launch of the first Rage game.

We wish him the best of luck in his future ventures! Check out some games he was working on throughout the years.