Yesterday, internet detectives found some clues pointing to the next Sims 4 game expansion. One Reddit user noticed a post on the Xbox Games Store, right before it was quickly taken down. The post listed a new product in The Sims 4 category – a university themed expansion called Discover University.

According to the post, this new addition to the popular game will have some familiarities to some other themed expansions and will bring three new career paths (engineer, lawyer, teacher), an option to have roommates as well as countless new items to set up for your Sims to enjoy.

The developers of the game didn’t deny any leaks, however, they didn’t make any comments on the features of the new expansion too. Instead, the official YouTube channel of The Sims has a new video scheduled for the official premiere later today. Its thumbnail features 2 college mascots, so we might expect that players will be able to choose one before starting their academic life in The Sims universe.

The Sims 4 is not the first game in the series which allows sending your sims to the college, so it’s not very surprising to get something similar. However, it’s a bit weird that we’re getting university-themed expansion only now. It’s also worth pointing out, that we’re still waiting for the official Discover University reveal, but if the previous Island Living expansion is of any indication, we might see the debut of Discover University before November.