Yesterday, the masters of strategy Paradox Interactive, has unveiled a brand new story pack for their critically acclaimed space strategy game called Stellaris. The new DLC is titled Ancient Relics and it will be released for both PC and Mac ‘soon’. The new addition to Stellaris is all about lost civilizations, and precursor races.

According to the developer, Ancient Relics will focus on the depths of your empire’s planets. Players who will purchase the expansion will be able to find these relics via archeological digs or earn them as adventure rewards. Relics will offer new benefits for your galactic empire and also sprawl some new stories.

Ancient Relics will also give clues about the two precursor races called Zroni and Baol. You’ll have to play through the new story chapters and visit their home planets in order to learn how these races went extinct.

To this date, Stellaris has already received three big story expansions – Leviathans, Synthetic Dawn, and Distant Stars. Additionally, the game has a whole bunch of other DLCs which vastly expand the original’s features – you can find them all on Eneba.