Survival games are as popular as ever! With the launch of Valheim, multiple other survival games saw a huge increase in player numbers due to gamers looking for some new experiences in the genre. Last week Terraria’s developer Re-Logic announced that the game surpassed another impressive milestone and reached 35 million units sold across multiple platforms.

The developers posted a special forum post sharing the news about this awesome achievement. According to the team, the game keeps on growing on various platforms and currently sold over 17.2 million units on PC, 8.5 million units on consoles, and 9.3 million units on mobile.

Another thing worthy of mention is that the game boasts huge numbers of very positive reviews. The same forum post reveals that Terraria passed Portal 2 and became the highest-rated Steam game of all time. Currently, Terraria has an 8.81 average score from more than 707 thousand steam reviews.

These new facts and figures show another thing. Less than a year ago, Terraria boasted surpassing 30 million units sold, meaning that the game that was originally released in 2011 is still gaining momentum. And it’s far from over! Later this year Re-Logic plans to release Journey’s End DLC for consoles and introduce Steam Workshop Support on PC. In addition, developers plan to implement crossplay further down the line, so we can expect even more record-smashing in the future.

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