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To infinity and beyond – best space exploration games

Travel where no gamer has gone before with some of the best space exploration games.

Game news

Ubisoft announced a VR space game called AGOS

Dust off your VR device and fly off to space...

Game news

Elite Dangerous is getting a new DLC expansion

Small step for man, giant leap for Elite Dangerous...

Game news

No Man's Sky's next update allows you to create music

ByteBeat will procedurally generate various sounds created from simple waveforms and algorithms,.

Game news

$250,000,000 in donations – a new benchmark for Star Citizen

The most successful crowdfunding project (of any kind!) has begun back in 2012, during that time, the game’s initial target was to collect $500,000.

Game news

Star Citizen adds 40-player Theaters of War mode

Theaters of War game mode is a multi-phase, multiplayer co-op mode.

Game news

Kerbal Space Program 2 has been delayed

Kerbal Space Program 2 will bring new interstellar vehicles.

Game news

Everspace 2 reached its goal on Kickstarter

Everspace 2's campaign managed to collect 503 478 euros from 7 979 backers.

Game news

Star Citizen is celebrating its birthday with a new update

The list of changes is a long one...