Game news

Dauntless reach 6 million player milestone

The game community keeps on growing...

Game news

Dauntless is launching on PC and consoles next week

The game will be free and will monetize its players via various cosmetic items.

Game news

Monster Hunter World is free for this week on PS4

The free trial is live now and will run until the 20th of May.

Game news

Capcom games music added to Spotify

Some cool news in case you love video games music as much as you love video games.


Monster Hunter movie will debut in 2020

Monster Hunter movie will be written, produced and directed by Paul W.S. Anderson who was responsible for all six Resident Evil movies.

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6 must-play PC games

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Game news

Monster Hunter World is celebrating its 1 year anniversary

Capcom decided to celebrate this occasion with a special in-game anniversary event.

Game news

Monster Hunter: World features Assassin's Creed collaboration

The collaboration is already live on consoles and will run till January 10th.