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Deathwing is coming to Heroes of the Storm

What a welcome pre-BlizzCon surprise!


BlizzCon 2019 - what to expect?

The opening show will be streamed live to everyone for free on November 1st.


Heroes of the Storm is getting a massive update and a new hero

So, you still think that Heroes of the Storm is a dead game?


Anduin Wrynn is the latest Heroes of the Storm hero

Anduin will fill the role of support, healing his friends from a distance.

Editorial picks

Tips for every Heroes of the Storm map

Blizzard's MOBA has 15 active maps, more than any other genre game right now.


Heroes of the Storm announces Imperius

Imperius is a Tyrael's boss - Archangel of Valor and the greatest warrior in all of creation.


Blizzard scrapped Heroes of the Storm esports

Blizzard assured that they will still continue actively supporting the game.