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FIFA games possibly to be ‘free-to-play’ from FIFA 23 onwards

FIFA games are rumored to be 'free-to-play' and cross-platform.

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FIFA 22: PC players will not receive next-gen improvements

PC gamers will not have access to next-gen features to avoid exclusion.

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You can now track how much money you spent on FIFA 21

FIFA Playtime is the new feature that allows players to track their time spent while playing the game.

Game news

EA Sports won't release FIFA 21 demo this year

You will be able to access the game early with EA Play subscription.


FIFA 21 revealed a list of players with the highest rating

Messi is ranked as the best player in FIFA 21.

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Madden NFL 21 game reviews are super bad

The worst game of all time?

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NHL 21 will launch on October 16 for Xbox One and PS4

No new hockey game for PS5 and Xbox Series X players.

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FIFA 21 won't have a crossplay option

No next-gen upgrades too...

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EA Sports detailed FIFA 21 Career Mode changes

New FIFA 21 Career Mode features look awesome!

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FIFA 21 Ultimate Team won't feature player fitness levels anymore

No more tired players before the next match!

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Here are all the games announced in EA Play conference

All the trailers form EA Play 2020.


Premier League stars will play in FIFA 20 tournament

PL, NASCAR, F1, MLS, NBA are just a few sports leagues that put together a gaming event.

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NHL 20 will add Snoop Dogg as a commentator

We'd love to hear Snoop Dogg praising our mad NHL 20 skills.

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NBA Live 20 has been canceled by EA

NBA Live is taking a break this year...

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EA's games are returning to Steam

Every EA game released on Steam will also feature cross-play functionality with their Origin counterparts.