Game news

Hideo Kojima wants to make a new horror game

You can never underestimate the secrecy of Hideo Kojima.


The Game Awards 2019 nominees announced

Here are all the nominees for 29 award categories.


Hideo Kojima has been awarded two Guinness World Records

Hideo Kojima is now the most followed video game director on social media.

Game news

Death Stranding will launch on PC next summer

We still don't know if the game will be released on Steam, on Epic Games Store.

Game news

Death Stranding will have a 'very easy mode'

The mode is designed with movie fans in mind.

Game news

New Death Stranding trailer sets the release date for the game

You'd think that 8-minute long trailer would make things clearer...

Game news

New and puzzling Death Stranding teaser released

Over the weekend, Hideo Kojima posted a new teaser video for his studios' upcoming game.

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Top new PS4 games coming out in 2019

Let's take a look at the most anticipated new PS4 games coming out in the near future.