Another weekend marked yet another record by Steam. Steam Database reported that the service once again shattered its previous concurrent player record and peaked at 26.3 million users (26,401,443 online users, if we’re being super-accurate) this Sunday.

The previous Steam record – 25.4 million users – was reached on January 2nd, however, it stood only for a month. We wrote about this in our previous blog post where we shared some details about it. Due to ongoing lockdown, it seems like every weekend Valve’s gaming service is nearing another record, so this new concurrent player number might be subject to change in the coming weeks if the situation with COVID 19 persists.

It’s worth mentioning Valve’s gaming service is not the only one breaking their records. During the last couple of months PlayStation Network, Xbox Live and other gaming services are also reporting some insane numbers. In fact, this weekend Eneba also recorded the new traffic record, accumulating over 7k users browsing our store simultaneously.

It’s nice to see our gaming community growing by the day!