A new record! Valve announced that they started 2021 breaking yet another platform record, boasting a record amount of concurrent players joining the biggest PC gaming platform this weekend. According to the numbers provided on January 2nd, Steam at one point had 25,415,080 concurrent users online.

SteamDB info

If you’re looking for reasons why so many people started their year with games, you don’t need to look far. COVID-19 is still a thing and many countries’ gamers are still in lockdown. Also, there are some big games (cough… Cyberpunk 2077… cough…) that boost Steam numbers.

However, it’s worth mentioning that a big portion of players in this new record data were not gaming at the time. Not all 25 million users were playing a game – only 7.4 million of them were in a game at the time, while most other accounts were idle.

In any case, these facts don’t take away from the achievement. We’re in an age of gaming and who among you could deny the fact that our industry and player base is still growing by the day. During these uncertain times, games can be a great way to escape reality and help us to experience new adventures from the comfort of our homes. And that’s worth celebrating!