Remember 2012 and one particularly intriguing Kickstarter campaign which took the gaming world by a storm? Yes, we’re talking about Star Citizen which just recently celebrated its 7th birthday. Marking this occasion, the developers released a new 3.7 alpha build which brings a lot of new stuff to an early access title.

3.7 alpha build gives a lot of new areas to explore – new content includes a lot of caves on planets, moons, and asteroids. These caves can be mined for resources using a handheld weapon which is a welcome addition. Previously you could only mine resources using specific spacecraft.

PvP focused players can also try some new tools. From now on, players will be able to get a new type of item called Quantum Enforcements. These new devices will allow players to catch flying by ships in faster-than-lightspeed. Of course, these items will be very popular among Star Citizen’s pirates, but should also be useful if you’re interested in policing the space.

3.7 also brings tons of new items and overhauls to an already existing content. The list is long so we suggest you hop on the official Star Citizen’s page and read through it if you’re interested.