A week and a bit back we wrote about The Last of Us Part II spoilers and how one should avoid certain dark places of the internet in order to avoid these. We managed to miss all of the story spoilers (yay us) but we know there are plenty of PlayStation fans who couldn’t resist clicking on shady links and managed to read through some of The Last of Us Part II story. And guess what… These spoilers could’ve been a fake.

In a recent interview with Eurogamer, the game’s director Neil Druckmann talked a bit about this incident and stated that we can’t be certain about the authenticity of the spoilers.

“There’s a lot of the feedback that came out, our take on it is, you don’t know. Right? There are so many false things out there. We don’t want to go out there and correct anything because that would be spoiling the game in a way – by saying what it isn’t, we’re kind of saying what it is.”

If you’re interested to learn more, be sure to hop on Eurogamer’s page and check out the whole interview. There are many interesting points Neil touched on and we really recommend hearing him out.

As for the game, we got one week of waiting left. The Last of Us Part II is coming out this Monday exclusively for PlayStation 4. You can prepare for one of the biggest PS4 game launches of the year by topping up your PSN wallet. We have some cool discounts for PSN cards in various regions.