As you may already know (it’s hard to miss it when everyone is talking about it), Sony has officially unveiled its new PlayStation 5 logo. It’s not a big surprise since the new console seems to be going in the same direction as its older brother. Now, as PlayStation 4‘s days are coming to an end, let’s take a look at some numbers Sony shared during their CES.

The first and most important figure is the total console sales. According to Sony, to this date, there are 106 million PlayStation 4 units sold. This is a huge number, but considering the fact that last fall Sony revealed to reach 100 million units sold milestone, it’s not hard to deduce that last year wasn’t good for the company. Rumors about the upcoming PlayStation 5 could be responsible for this notable decline in sales.

On the other hand, there’s something to brag about when it comes to games. According to Sony, to this date, the company sold 1.15 billion games for PlayStation 4. it’s a really impressive number even considering that it’s a sum of physical and digital game sales for PlayStation 4.

In addition, Sony revealed that to this date the company shipped over 5 million PlayStation VR units, and that is a lot. Though the number can certainly grow even more during the next console generation. Mind you, we still don’t know whether or not PlayStation 5 will support PS VR, or Sony decides to ditch the old VR hardware and introduce something new (PS VR 2?)… Frankly, we just don’t know yet.

Lastly, there are online services. According to statistics, PlayStation 4 is still super popular and boasts an insane number of 103 million monthly PSN users. In addition, 32.8 million of these users have an active PlayStation Plus subscription. Amazing, right?

While these numbers might not change a lot over 2020, it’s going to be an interesting year for the fans of PlayStation. We hope to get our chance to try the new PlayStation 5 during the next holiday season. Let’s just hope it will be as successful as PlayStation 4 was.