20 years ago the original Serious Sam was born. The game became a legend and shaped the foundations of the franchise that spawned a huge series of shooter games. To celebrate this anniversary, developers from Croteam decided to give fans something new to enjoy and released a huge update for Serious Sam 2, which was released 5 years after the original. If you’re into classical games and wish to relive some old memories and celebrate this occasion with a bang, be sure to download the game and its free new update.

The new anniversary update brings tons of new content and features that previously weren’t present in the game. This includes a new weapon – BeamGun, 12 new multiplayer maps, and some fresh Sam’s abilities that will allow our character to sprint, rocket jump and equip two weapons at once.

In addition to all this new content, Croteam also made some tweaks and changes to certain game systems. The new update also introduced a new radar that will highlight certain objectives, enemies, and NPCs. The developers also squashed a huge amount of bugs and improved the game’s performance on new gaming systems. In fact, there’s a lot of technical tweaks, so if you’re interested in learning more about the changes, be sure to hop on the game’s Steam page where Croteam listed all of the fixes.

For this occasion, we also wanted to do our part and give our community a chance to snag certain Serious Sam games cheaper. Below you can find our deals for the original game as well as its sequels, including the latest Serious Sam 4 release.