It’s hard to believe that Sea of Thieves is already celebrating its first anniversary. The developers of the game are preparing for a special celebration this weekend. The inaugural Gold and Glory event will offer bonus in-game gold and reputation as part of game’s birthday celebrations.

The event will begin on Friday, March 15th and will last until Monday, March 18th. Over the duration of the in-game event, all Trading Companies will offer bigger rewards in gold and reputation. An that’s not all – Rare has previously announced that it would be additionally rewarding players that reached Legendary status with all Trading Companies prior to the game’s actual birth date which is March 20th. However, the rewards were not detailed.

Sea of Thieves Gold and Glory event is a perfect time to return to the game not only for the rewards. It’s also the last chance to play the game before its inevitable change with the long-teased world update by Rare. This should be going live sometime after the birthday celebrations and will change the game by quite a lot. According to the developers, the update will bring a new PvP-focused Arena mode, new lore-based questing, fishing, cooking, and many new items as rewards for the new activities.

If you’ve never played Sea of Thieves before, you should know it’s an open-world pirate exploration game where you control your own pirate ship. The game is super fun to play with friends and boasts a great in-game community of pirates. You can purchase your copy of the game from Eneba Marketplace for a price which might be considered as stealing. Arrrgh!