Last year at E3 stage Ubisoft announced their arcade game Roller Champions which came with a free open alpha version for everyone willing to try. Now, after some more time in development, it’s time for another round. Roller Champions announced its second test – this time a closed PC alpha which will take place from March 11th until March 23rd.

After the initial test of Roller Champions, there was a slight concern floating around in the community. To be frank, the game looked awesome but felt a bit boring at times. Especially at the moments where you lose your speed and are forced to regain your momentum by rolling around without anything to do… But hey, that’s why we have these tests! We sincerely hope that the developers did their tinkering correctly, and now is exactly the time to give Roller Champions another shot.

If it’s your first time hearing about this game, you should know that Roller Champions is a new skill-based, team PvP sports game. In it, players will roll around the stadium and compete in something similar to Quidich on rollerblades. If you thought that the game looks very similar to Rocket League – trust us, you’re not alone. It will be interesting to see how it will turn out in the end. The second alpha test begins soon and in order to get into the test, you need to register here.