One of the most successful online games in recent years – Rocket League – is changing its monetization model. After Epic Games acquired Psyonix we hoped to get some news about the game’s future fairly soon and that time is now! With its Epic Games Store launch, Rocket League will become free-to-play across all platforms.

Here it’s also worth mentioning that by following this shift Rocket League will abandon Steam and won’t be available for download from there. Users who already own Rocket League on Steam will be able to play through Valve’s service in the future, however, all new users will have to download Epic Games Launcher in order to play this game

There are a few more details you should know about this transition. Rocket League will release on the Epic Games Store on PC the same time it goes free to play. This version of the game will be identical to the version found on other platforms including PS4, Xbox One X, Nintendo Switch, and probably next-generation consoles. The game will feature cross-platform play and cross-progression on any device you play Rocket League, meaning that all of your separate Rocket League accounts will be merged.

For those who already own the game, Psyonix will be giving some digital goodies. Here’s what the team promises in their blog post:

Whether you’ve been playing Rocket League from day one or you just picked it up this year, you won’t have to worry about losing your inventory. Your items will follow you to the free to play update. Plus, anyone who has played Rocket League online before the launch of free to play will be rewarded with Legacy status, which includes:

  • All Rocket League-branded DLC packs released before free to play
  • “Est. 20XX” title that displays the first year you played Rocket League
  • 200+ Common items upgraded to “Legacy” quality
  • Golden Cosmos Boost
  • Dieci-Oro Wheels
  • Huntress Player Banner

In addition, if you’ve played online before today’s announcement, you will also receive the Faded Cosmos Boost. Legacy rewards will be granted once the free to play version launches later this summer.

So mark your calendars if you’re planning on joining the league during its next chapter. In addition, you can still pick up a paid Rocket League version from our store and play at least one online game to be eligible for rewards.