During the weekend, Ubisoft had a minor celebration since one of its games reached an impressive milestone. Rainbow Six Siege, a tactical FPS game has surpassed 50 million players across all platforms and became the most successful FPS made by the company.

It’s a very impressive number having in mind that the game originally was released in 2015. Throughout the years, Rainbow Six Siege managed to establish a stable flow of content with a regular new map and operator releases, which improved the game in many ways.

However, the main reason for such a steady growth of the game is the Rainbow Six Siege esports community which continues to grow each year. With yearly tournaments and thousands of viewers on Twitch, Rainbow Six Siege became one of the most successful new esports titles… and it’s still expanding!

As for the future of the game, we might expect an even bigger influx of new players in the upcoming month or two. The next seasonal update for Rainbow Six Siege, called Operation Ember Rise, is currently in beta and should launch on PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One very soon.