It shouldn’t be surprising that many online games are kicking off their Halloween celebrations. Rainbow Six Siege is a bit late to the party, but you know what they say – it’s better late than never. Rainbow Six Siege: Doktor’s Curse event is now live and will run until November 6th.

For this occasion, the development team re-skinned the popular Theme Park map and introduced a new 5v5 hide-and-seek mode between Monsters and Exterminators. It’s a pretty straight forward mode where Exterminators are tasked with killing all monsters before the time runs out, while Monsters will try to survive. 

We should also mention that Monsters will be equipped with the all-new ability which will allow them to run faster and get invisibility for a short duration. On the other hand, Exterminators will have an option to choose one out of three themed versions of Sledge Hammer with special gadgets.

The Doktor’s Curse even has some lore implemented into the game mode. The official description writes:

“Something’s not quite right with Doc. Soon after Theme Park closed, he moved in and made the castle his home, where he performs all sorts of disturbing experiments. In the end, he created something more evil than he intended. The place is now crawling with Monsters, and a band of Exterminators have been called in to reclaim it. Will they be able to return things to normal, or will the fiends live to terrorize another day?”

As always, the event brings tons of new cosmetics to earn. Upon your first log-in, you’ll get one Doktor’s Curse Collection pack for free and will be able to earn two more after completing certain tasks.